Joanna Rice, North Lake Tahoe Realtor, Incline Village, Nevada
Joanna Rice, North Lake Tahoe Realtor, Incline Village, Nevada
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Joanna Rice, North Lake Tahoe Realtor, Incline Village, Nevada
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Bruce Backa
Service, knowledge, and visible competence are very important to me. I am a homeowner and a professional real estate investor, with more than 25 years of experience with each. When I first met Joanna, it was immediately clear to me that she was going to work harder, be more respectful of my time, and deliver more value than anyone I had worked with to date.

Over roughly the last 10 years, Joanna has managed three purchases and two sales for me. She never disappoints. If you want the best, choose Joanna. It's that simple.
Christopher James O'Brien
Joanna Rice has handled real estate transactions for several members of my family. I have also recommended her to others as they transistion to the Lake Tahoe area.

Joanna provides a comprehensive "no pressure" style which allowed me to delay my purchase until we received the right property at the right price. Her service doesn't end after the transaction is completed.

Her office is always open to assist in any issues you may have while settling into the area.
Lynn & Barry Mainz
While looking for a second vacation home for our family in Tahoe, a friend in the bay area said, "you HAVE to call our agent - she is phenomenal." We thought - great, but what makes her "phenomenal." We only needed a short time with Joanna Rice to know what they were talking about. Taking the time to uncover our needs and really understand what kind of house we were looking for, combined with her knowledge of the Tahoe area, enabled Joanna to find the perfect home for us in our price range.

After our first day looking, feeling the right house hadn't come along yet, we were driving back to the bay area when Joanna called and said we had to turn the car around to come back and see a house that was about to be listed. She felt strongly that this house would be "the one" and we needed to see it now. Her relationship with realtors from other real estate agencies enabled us to view and get a head start on the purchasing process even before the for sale sign had gone up.

During the negotiation phase of our purchase, Joanna was very helpful and for us that was important because we were negotiating our purchase from the bay area.

While our house hunting and purchase experience with Joanna was wonderful, what makes Joanna exceptional is her willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to help us after escrow closed. Joanna is the gift that keeps on giving and by that, we mean that she shows a genuine desire to help every time we call. From references for architects & contractors to restaurants and Tahoe information, Joanna always has the information we need and is so prompt in responding to our needs on a monthly basis. She even helps coordinate our cleaning service following our departure by keeping a spare key at her office and being our "billing liaison."

It's hard to believe that we've owned our vacation home in Tahoe for 2.5 years already due in large part to the efforts of Joanna. She not only found us the perfect home, but also continues to make our experience in Tahoe exceptional, every time we are here.

Lynn & Barry Mainz
Marilyn Gilmore
Working with Joanna over the years on both the buy and sell sides has always been a very positive experience.

She gives of herself over 100% in her time and effort. She is dedicated, honest, always available for your needs and questions, trustworthy and above all knowledgeable.
Mark Norman
To Whom This Letter May Concern,

Re: Recommendation for Joanna Rice, Realtor

I am recommending Joanna Rice, real estate agent, as an excellent professional in the industry. I was interested in buying a condominium at Incline Village, Nevada. At the Century 21 McGregor Realty office, I met Joanna Rice. She helped me to find a home unit in my price range, negotiated a price acceptable to both parties - buyer and seller - and arranged a home inspection by a qualified person. I was very pleased with her professional attitude. She provided unbiased opinions. We methodically searched and inspected condominiums. I appreciated her knowledge of various condo complexes. The purchase proceeded without a hitch. I was a happy customer, which I attribute to Joanna Rice. She is an example of why a person uses a real estate agent.


Mark Norman
Norma and Don Flaskerud
Dear Joanna,
As you know, we are successful Realtors from the San Franscisco Bay area. Without your help, guidance and experience, we, with 20 years experience selling real estate, would never have been able to purchase property in Incline Village. We SO love our Incline home and appreciate the guidance you gave us in negotiating a good price, and getting through the inspection process, plus your familiarity with the town and all its neighborhoods.

Norma and Don Flaskerud
Timothy Glaser
As a personal testimonial I have nothing but good things to say about Joanna Rice. She is an outstanding real estate agent who takes the time to get to know her clients while working diligently in their behalf.

When I moved to Incline Village in 2001 I had to shop around for an agent who was willing to work within my budget and wasn't just looking to dump me into the most convenient piece of property to turn a quick profit. Joanna was the only agent that I came across who seemed truly concerned about my predicament and who would put in the time and effort to ensure that I was properly represented as a buyer. Through Joanna's perseverance I was able to purchase a condo that was a perfect fit for me and my family. I still consider Joanna a dear friend to this day.

Tim Glaser
Susan Schnetz
We are privileged to call Joanna Rice our friend and our realtor. She is truly a gifted, talented "people person".

We remember when Joanna was a brand new real estate agent motivated to do her best. Joanna is still motivated to do her best, but now that she has gained more knowledge and skills, she is an even better agent for her friends and clients.

A few years ago we purchased a home away from the lake and soon realized that it was a mistake. Joanna helped us to find a listing agent to sell it, then helped us find just the right new place - one actually better than our previous home. This is a good example of her abilities as a realtor and compassion as our friend.

Karl and Susan Schnetz
Deborah Lenzi
Joanna Rice represented us when we purchased our home in Incline Village.

With her knowledge, our lack of familiarity with the community and understanding of the local real estate market proved not to be problem. Joanna provided insights and willingly shared her knowledge and expertise.

Within a short period of time, she matched a home with our budget and expectations, and her commitment to us didn't stop there. She made our escrow experience one of the best we've had. Her follow-up to every detail was exceptional. When the need ever arises again, Joanna will be our realtor. Not only is she the best, we gained a life-long friend.

Steve & Deborah Lenzi
Jim Bishop
It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation/testimonial for Joanna Rice.

I came to Incline Village with the purpose of buying a vacation home for my family. The Century 21 McGregor Realty sign was the first placard I come to and Joanna was the agent on duty at that time. I have previously purchased one property in my life; hence I was a little apprehensive about what I was letting myself in for. I felt a little naive as to the process and I wanted information and listings without really taking up a realtor's time. I guess I didn't know my real commitment and didn't want to string someone along or have them spend much of their time babysitting me. For some reason, I respect the time of others and attempt to do as much for myself as I can without involving them. I'm not sure where this comes from, but it's been my modus operandi forever.

To make a short story even shorter, Joanna offered to give me listings to check out myself and said to come back if I needed further assistance. This was what I personally wanted to hear. I got the information I needed without taking up much of her time, which to me de-obligated myself from any heavy sales tactics that I feared might ensue.

I couldn't have been more mistaken about the real estate person that Joanna is. I eventually picked out properties I wished to view and we did the walk throughs. I was left to evaluate the places myself, according to my own criteria, without any added commentary. If I had questions that she could answer, she did and if she couldn't, she got the information to me in the quickest manner she could. We made an offer on a condo, which was countered, and the owners accepted our counter to theirs.

Amazing to me, we completed all the interim requisite paperwork by fax. The deal closed in a month and I wasn't required to return until the day of closing.

Was it a good experience? Absolutely. Would I go to another agent in Incline should I choose to buy other property? Absolutely not. When people ask me who might be an agent to contact about property in Incline, I always reply with Joanna's name and directions to the Century 21 McGregor Realty offices. If and when I choose to sell my condo, I will sell it through Joanna.

Aside from the business aspect mentioned above, I feel I have a friend in Joanna. We continue to cross paths and that's perfect for me...

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